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Meanwhile, your are welcome to visit this Manchester United Forum.   I received your message but i think the player dorsing lake this coash this is reson why there not playing enymore and nothin you can do for them to play well onlase you change the coash if not we are goying dow to religation thou we have allredy out of Top four.  Thanks for your feedback. We passed your messages. Have you receive the message we sent you last week regarding Moye’s plan to bring in the team of hot cheerleaders? What do you think about it?

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Please addvice D. Moyes before trasnfer window close late please bring more one player.  We will pass your message. Is there another player you think we should buy? The loss to Sunderland left us astonished and we need great feedback from great fans. Please feel free to send us your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated AMIGO!

I’m very interested in playing with manchester united player, I always learn from my mistakes while playing on the field in a real game or a friendly, I did all that to be the best player among all players in my team, because I want to go further to achieve the desire to play with manchester united even if only as an exercise, it is enough like me, because I want to help manchester united to keep moving mengalahakan bitter rivals Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Asernal and flickering of the great present …
I hope and pray that I will be selected for the training center manchester united.

Through my life i’ve supported United through the good times and their darkest days, but the one thing i will never do is turn my back on them despite David Moyes as our manager. The good times will return to Old Trafford, you’ll see. Stay loyal guys!  I support Utd no matter what BUT Moyes’ s team selections are flawed. If we are to win games he needs to put on players who perform every time they play not just twice a year. Smalling, Young and Wellbeck underpreform way too much. Kwaga and Jaunasi should have started yesterday

i belive that there is a lot of judas out there when man u was winning every one was a fan but nw not really playing that good every one is backing off the red devils but i will be a manu fan win lose or draw.  Thats so true, i must admit, ive been a die hard united fan since i first saw 18year old gary Bailey in goal for the Red devils, and im one of those who said Moyes must go, but looking back 26years or so down the line, a certain coach named Alex Ferguson was gonna get the boot, for bad performance,only a brave Bryan Robson stepped in ,to the rescue of Fergie, and a few seasons later he built the most successfull team based on youth and the odd unknowns to become sum of worl footballs greatest superstars. So yeah, lets give the manager a chance, hes no Ferguson, But neither was Ferguson back then!!