Thats what what he said yesterday. We need cheerleaders and booze before we are relegated but some conservative employees do not like the idea. We really do not know what to do, that’s why we need your feedback.  that is the problem why can he westhin time so he whant to go dow to religation zone befor he can do that?  Do you know what the real problem is…it’s not about bringing in new players. Moyes believes that we need to bring in =cheerleaders, he thinks that increasing the activity of our players could increase their performance at the pitch. We are not quite sure whether this is the right thing to do because some of our players (example:Adnan Januzaj) are only 18 and if they hear bad words they could be scared and leave the club. What do you think? Do we need to add female staff members to the locker room to improve our team performance?